Pro Tape Remover Tool

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Rechargeable Pro Tape Remover Tool


1: Screw on the soldering iron head screw

and press it 5 times to start the machine

within 2 seconds. Turn off by pressing 5

times in quick succession to shut down.


2: You need to keep pressing the power

button to heat the soldering iron. Release the

button and it will stop heating. (Press and

hold to heat, release to stop heating)


3: Long press the power button for more than

60 seconds, the battery will start the sleep

function (that is, stop heating. The light will

flash). At this time, just release the button,

and then press and hold the button to resume

normal heating.


4: If you still cannot understand how to use

the above instructions, you can contact the

our customer service team.


*Please do not press down too hard with the tool as it can damage the tape tabs.

Platinum will not be held responsible, so use with care.



Range: 3.5-5V

Battery: 1100mah

Power: 8-15W

Temperature range: about 200°C-450°C

Heating time: 8-12 seconds

Soldering iron tip resistance: 1.5-2.50