Aftercare Advice

Prior to your extension fitting

On the day of your application your hair needs to be freshly washed twice with a clarifying shampoo, apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends and ensure your hair is blow dried straight.

After Keratin bond fitting

It is normal to lose up to ten bonds/ beads throughout the duration of your extensions, this would be due to natural hair fall.

After microbead fitting

It is normal to lose up to ten bonds/ beads throughout the duration of your extensions, this would be due to natural hair fall.

After Tape fitting

There shouldn’t be any loss of tapes, if any tapes come loose let your stylist know and they can be reapplied.


Do not wash your hair more than twice a week. Always use alcohol, sulphate and silicone free products recommended by your stylist. Shampoo the hair twice when washing to ensure your hair is cleaned thoroughly.


Apply conditioner/ treatments directly to the bonds/ beads/ tape tabs as this will cause them to slip out, apply conditioner to mid lengths and ends only. 


Gently towel dry your hair then apply a leave in conditioner. Ensure you are using an extension brush to brush from roots to ends. Blast off the hair ensuring the bonds/beads/ tape tabs are dry then take sections of hair and blow dry thoroughly. Never let your hair dry naturally as this can cause matting, shedding and reduce the quality of the hair.


When using any heated tools make sure you are using a heat protector recommended by your stylist. Avoid hitting the bonds/ beads/tape tabs with the heat tools. We do not recommend using heat over 200 degrees.


We do not recommend colouring your extensions. However, you can have your roots covered with a tint or a T-bar of highlights by your stylist and extensions can be toned at your own discretion.


Place your hair back into a low pony/plait at the nape of your neck, this will prevent your extensions from tangling or matting while you sleep.


We strongly recommend tying your hair up and keeping away from sea water. Sea water can be really damaging on the extensions as salt is a natural dehydrator and can potentially strip your hair of moisture and natural oils. The salt water can also remove the pigment in your extensions which will cause them to change colour and become brassy.  


We highly recommend keeping your hair out of pool water as chlorine will strip the hair extensions of their colour and can leave it dry, broken and discoloured.

High levels of chlorine can also cause the extensions to turn green in some cases.

Sunrays/Sunbed exposure

has a significant impact on your extensions. Sunlight will lighten the colour of your extensions it is really important to wear a hat to protect your hair from UV rays. Sunbeds can also cause discolouration to the extensions, we recommend wrapping a towel around your hair while using them.


Sunscreens/moisturisers containing the ingredients Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) andOctocrylene are NOT safe to use on extensions. It is extremely important your extensions don’t come in contact with these ingredients as they cause a chemical reaction on the extensions when exposed to the sunlight, turning the extensions a peachy/ pink colour. If this happens it is impossible to undo the colour change leading to a new set of extensions being needed.

Platinum do not take any responsibility for any issues arriving from lack of instruction of aftercare.

Daily Routine

brush extensions from root to tip twice daily using the Platinum hair extension brush. Don’t forget to take sections and separate bonds or beads to ensure there is no matting.


Hair extension hair is extremely porous, which can cause the extensions to grab colour quite quickly. It is very important to avoid tanning lotions or any tinted products that will stain the hair. Hard water can also cause the extensions to discolour from the metal build up on the hair. We would advise having a filter added to your shower to avoid this.

Hair extension life span

Prestige Keratin bonds are not reusable, a new set will be required depending on your hair growth between 3-5 months.                                                                                                   Pixie links, Pro Tapes & Pearl micro-weft hair are reusable and need to be maintained every 8-12 week the hair will last up to 8 months if the correct after care is followed.


It is extremely important to have your extensions removed professionally and after the recommended time advised by your stylist. Never try to remove the extensions yourself as you will cause damage to your natural hair.