Precision Weft Collection

€350.00 EUR
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Precision Weft is our latest innovation. The 24-inch weft is crafted with PRECISION and boasts an incredibly thin, flat, and lightweight design, that is virtually invisible once applied 

Each weft comprises of a 100-gram continuous strip, providing you with comfortable, thick, double-drawn hair from root to tip. It’s the thinnest, most customizable hand-tied hair extension application yet! 

Thanks to its genius construction you can trim the weft along the seam for a flawless, tailored fit with no uncomfortable stray hairs, ensuring a scalp-friendly experience with no irritation, matting, or shedding 

  • 24 inches 
  • 100 grams 
  • Continuous weft strip 
  • 100% double drawn 
  • Precise invisible skin band weft 
  •  Available in 22 shades